Order Form

Print and mail to Paul W. Rossi, 1181 South Palmerlee Road, Cedarville, Michigan 49719

BEAUTIFUL BIRDS OF MICHIGAN’S EASTERN UPPER PENINSULA Enclose $50 for each copy (+S&H). Please add $10.00 to your total order for shipping. Order three or more and shipping is FREE. Examples: 1 copy-$60.00; 2-$110.00; 3-$150.00; 4-$200.00; 5-$250.00 Make checks payable to Paul W. Rossi

Please send me ______ copies. I am enclosing $ ___________ I understand that I will receive my book(s) within 3 weeks of my order being processed (expected to be in May 2016) and that I may return my order within 30 days of receipt for a refund (less shipping charges) if the order is damaged or defective.

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BE SURE to keep a record of your purchase.