Die Addams Family 1991 Kiddo free movie torrent

Die Addams Family 1991 Kiddo free movie torrent

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Die Addams Family 1991
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The fraudsters plan to force an eccentric family using an accomplice who claims to be their long-lost uncle.
Barry Sonnenfeld Writers:
Charles Adams (characters), Caroline Thompson The Adams family comes out of a cartoon by Charles Adams. They live with all the traps of the terrible (including a separate hand for the servant) and are quite rich. Added to this mix is ​​a distorted accountant and his shark hire and a conspiracy to bring the shark’s son into the family like their long-lost Uncle Fester. Can a fake Fester be found in the vault before it is found?

The eccentrically sinister family moved to a gentle suburb, where Adams’ friendship on Wednesday with the daughter of a hostile and conformist host of a local reality show exacerbated the conflict between the families.
Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon Writers:
Matt Lieberman (screenplay), Matt Lieberman (story) Gomez and Mortisia Adams move to an abandoned villa in New Jersey, surrounded by a swamp and hidden by fog on top of a mountain, to start a family. Thirteen years later, Gomez taught his son Pugsla the Adams family’s sword tradition as he questioned his mother about the world outside the villa on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the community is assembled by Margaux Needler, who is in charge of selling the house, and the swamp dries up. When he sees an old villa next door, he decides to get rid of the Adams family.

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